World Sparrow Day 20-March - NoteTheQuote-

World Sparrow Day – 20 March

  • Remember the beautiful chirping sound of a sparrow in your heart and take steps towards saving them in this occasion of World Sparrow Day.
  • Life is short, save and protect our natural habitat while you still can. Happy World Sparrow Day.
  • A morning filled with the sweet chirps of the sparrow is full of bliss. Help bring it back again by stopping pollution and saving sparrows on this occasion if World Sparrow Day.
  • DO not pollute the Earth’s environment. Let all the birds live in peace. Happy World Sparrow Day.
  • Everyone is unique and important. Save the sparrows of our world and stop their extinction. Wish you a very happy World Sparrow Day.
  • Save nature, save our ecosystem. Don’t let sparrows die and save them on this occasion of World Sparrow Day.
  • ***Put bird boxes and bird feeders outside your house or in your gardens.