World Emoji Day – 17 July : Quotes, WhatsApp Status, Messages, Images & Wallpapers

World Emoji Day 17 July Quotes, WhatsApp Status, Images & Banners :

  • Happy-World-Emoji-Day-NoteTheQuote
  • Happy-World-Emoji-Day-NoteTheQuote
  • Happy-World-Emoji-Day-NoteTheQuote
  • “I think smile is the best reply…🙂 😀”
  • “Too 🥱lazy to type what you are feeling? Just send an emoji and everything will be communicated on just one touch…. 🥂Cheers to the power of emojis!!!😇🤩 😎”
  • “Happy world emoji day… Stop writing Express your feelings. 😊😍🤑 🥰 😘 🤪🤮 🤬😥 😓🥱 😴 🤤💃 🕺”
  • “Emoji – Not just an icon or a digital image but one of the strongest , beautiful & the cutest way to show, sometimes to hide our true feelings in this virtual world. – Happy world emoji day ❤️ ❣️ 💕 💞 💓 💗 💖 💘 💝 💔”
  • “” I am This Emoji ! Because No one never get to know i am laughing Or i am crying .. behind this Emoji 😊”
  • In this world of Whatsapp You are my blissful smiley 🙃
  • “When words fail to say it all, when your voice cannot reach to the people you love, emojis help you say it all…. Warm wishes on World Emoji Day.”
  • “Every text message is complete with an emoji in it…. Every chat is complete with an emoji in it…. They have become an integral part of our lives.”
  • “Texting was certainly boring once but today it is so much more interesting because of the emojis…. On this special day, I wish you Happy World Emoji Day.”


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