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World / Global Tiger Day – 2020 Messages to awareness & Quotes images for Desktop Wallpapers:

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    “Tigers are one of the most beautiful animals on planet earth. They have been evoked in literature, proverbs and plays for their majestic strength and beauty.”
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    By the year 2019, according to the National Tiger Conservation Authority, there were estimated only 2,967 tigers in existence in India.
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    “Let us keep the tigers in jungles & not in history, save tigers.”
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    “Do not blame God for creating the tiger, thank him for not given it wings.” ~ INDIAN PROVERB
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    “Let your children see the tigers,dont let them be a part of history.”
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    “Mighty tigers hear them roar,for they may be no more.”
  • International-world Tiger Day -jungle-tiger-roar-Quotes
    “Tiger father begets tiger son”

Global Tiger Day Best Slogan For WhatsApp Status 2020

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  • International-world Tiger Day -jungle-white-tiger-beauty-strength-pride-Quotes
    “Tiger is a Symbol of Beauty, Bravery, Strength and Nationality So Save the Tiger, Save the Nation Pride.”
  • International-world Tiger Day -jungle--tiger-beauty-strength-pride-Quotes
    “Save the Tigers before they are silenced forever.”
  • International-world Tiger Day -jungle--tiger-beauty-strength-pride-Quotes
    “Save our Tigers, Save our Pride.”
  • International-world Tiger Day -jungle--tiger-beauty-strength-pride-Quotes
  • International-world Tiger Day -jungle--tiger-tied-Quotes
    “Everyone needs a dog to adore him, and a tiger to bring him back to reality.”
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    “We are all connected… Humans without tigers will always be an imbalanc.- Warm wishes on International Tiger Day.”
  • International-world Tiger Day -jungle--tiger--Quotes
    “When a man wants to murder a tiger he calls it sport; when a tiger wants to murder him he calls it ferocity”
  • International-world Tiger Day -jungle--tiger--Quotes
    “Tiger has always inspired us to be strong… Let us save them to save our planet.”
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  • International-world Tiger Day -jungle--tiger--Quotes
  • International-world Tiger Day -jungle--tiger--Quotes

World Tiger Day Best Messages Status 2020

  • “For the Tigers we must unite,so they don’t fade out of sight.” – World Tiger Day
  • “A man’s good name is as precious to him as its skin is to a tiger” – International Tiger Day
  • “Tigers are a wonderful creation of Mother Nature and we must join hands to protect them.” – World Tiger Day
  • “What will these sanctuaries have for adventure if there are no tigers left on the planet.” – International Tiger Day
  • “The world will not be the same if tigers are not there to thrill us and balance us.” – International Tiger Day
  • “Save the tigers before they start living just in our stories.”
  • “Tigers have always added the adventure and thrill to our lives with their fearless streak….Let us save them… Happy International Tiger Day.”
  • “It is extremely sorry to see tigers getting extinct and on International Tiger Day, let us create more awareness about them and let us save them.”
  • “International Tiger Day is a reminder that we must work together to save this heroic animal, to have him live happy in his natural habitat.”
  • “Tigers have a special place on the planet and in our lives and we must do all that we can to protect them…. A very Happy International Tiger Day.”

Important Facts of Tiger:

  • All tigers have more than 100 stripes on their body but not two tigers have the same pattern of stripes.
  • Tigers have been divide into 8 subspecies – Indian (or Bengal), Indo-Chinese, Sumatran, Amur (or Siberian), South China, Caspian (extinct), Java (extinct), and Bali (extinct).
  • Tigers keep their claws sharp by keeping it inside the retractable sheath and taking it out only when required for hunting.
  • Tigers, Lions, Leopards and Jaguars are the only four types of cats that can roar but cannot purr.
  • The vision of the tiger is six times better than a human at night. They also hunt by hearing and sight and not by smell.
  • A tiger in one sitting may eat 22 to 32 kilograms of meat but it may also go hungry for weeks.
  • White Tigers are not albinos. They just do not have the orange colored genes.
  • A tiger can leap as high as 10 feet in a single jump.
  • The smallest of all tiger species is the Sumatran tiger and the largest the Siberian tiger.

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